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Assistive Services


Assistive Services

In addition to the main services, the General Company for Silos and Supply provides a range of services, including:

  • Rental of refrigerated and dry warehouses

    Our complexes include a wide range of refrigeration and freezing refrigerators in addition to large areas of warehouses and hangars, we offers the service of renting refrigerated and dry warehouses for the public and private sectors.

    Dry warehouses and refrigerators available for rental can be viewed through the following link: Book Your Service

  • Sample Testing

    The company provides the service of testing samples through the laboratory and public safety department, which is generally concerned with the safety of the stock, maintaining it and following it up with a specific protocol, in addition to following up the production of Juwaida mill, through daily tests that enable maintaining the production of flour types with high quality, through specialized devices for wheat and flour tests. Among the devices used in the laboratory:

    1. Dockage tester.
    2. Specific grain check weighing device.
    3. Checking atrophy and fractures of grains device.
    4. Oven-based test.
    5. Gluten testing device.
    6. Ash check (muffle furnace capable).
    7. Falling Number Screening Device.
    8. Checking the rheological properties of the dough (water absorption) device.

    The samples laboratory testing is carried out the following types of tests:

    1. Physical tests
    2. Chemical tests
    3. Rheological tests
    4. We are establishing a laboratory for microbiological tests

    The safety of the stock is mainly monitored from the reception of grain to the disbursement in the following way:

    1. 1. Taking periodic samples when receiving the material and examining it sensually to ensure that it is free of any live insect infestation or the presence of strange odors.
    2. Taking samples to examine the incoming grains, according to the Jordanian standard, which is represented by (examination of the percentage of impurities, atrophy and fractures, specific weight, moisture, gluten, fall number).
    3. Sterilization the incoming grains to the silos with aluminum phosphide using specific devices and specific doses.
    4. Daily checks for Juwaida mill products.
    5. Follow up the exchange process for stored grains of wheat for mills and barley for feed centers.
    6. Follow-up the public safety measures for the entire complex including the protection of human from injuries resulting from the dangers of the work environment by preventing their exposure to accidents, injuries and occupational diseases. In addition to preserving the material represented in the facilities, the devices and equipment they contain from damage and loss as a result of accidents, and providing and implementing all occupational safety and health requirements that ensure the provision of a safe environment that achieves risk prevention for the human and material elements.

    Among our most prominent clients to whom the company provides sample testing service:

    1. National Agricultural Research Center where some raw wheat samples are examined.
    2. Municipal grain committees work for at least 3 months annually in the examination of local grain.
    3. Testing flour samples for the Kingdom's mills.
  • weight bridge

    It is a weighing device for trucks loaded with grain.
  • Unloading freight vehicles (truck dumper).

  • Loading cars/trucks

  • Central workshops

    The workshops contain devices, equipment, and tools for cutting, welding, and maintenance work for all silos and the mill - located in the Juwaida complex.
  • Technical warehouses

    We store spare parts used for the company's projects