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Unloading ships


Unloading ships

The company provides the service of Unloading ships loaded with various grains (wheat, barley and corn), which belongs to the Ministry of Industry and Trade in addition to the private sector, using modern Unloading devices with a capacity of 1600 tons / hour, as the ship 63,000 tons unloads in a maximum time of 4-5 days.

The total number of unloaded grains during 2022 of maize, wheat and barley was 2,355,151 tons. Where 39 ships were unloaded as following:

  • 17 wheat ships unloaded 2,175,251 tons.
  • 19 barley ships unloaded 1,166,872 tons.
  • 3 corn ships unloaded 180,000 tons.
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