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The company provides flour production service through the mill, which is located within the campus of Juwaida Complex. The mill operates with a production capacity of about (300) tons per day of its total production capacity of about (400) tons per day, and its production is characterized by its high quality and compliance with the conditions of grinding, preservation and transportation. The mill produces several types of products:

  • Uniform flour.
  • Zero flour.
  • Wheat flour (brown).
  • Zahra flour (for desserts).
  • Soft flour.
  • Semolina with all kinds.

The quantities produced during 2022 until the end of November amounted to approximately (71,500) tons. Note that the mill's customers are spread all over the Kingdom and its most prominent customers are:

  1. Bakeries of the Jordanian Armed Forces.
  2. Sufara bakeries.
  3. Saudi Jordanian Industrial Development Company.
  4. Sahab Industrial Company.
  5. Civil Service Consumer Corporation
  6. Paradise bakeries
  7. Al Raya Bakery
  8. Jawad Bakeries
  9. Hamdan For Foods
  10. Ahmad abu dabour & brothers co - Yasmeen Sweets

The company implements the Global Protective System for HACCP Food Safety at Juwaida Mill.