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Advertisement issued by the Civil Service Bureau


 Advertisement issued by the Civil Service Bureau

The Civil Service Bureau publishes an electronic link to verify the data of applicants for third category jobs in the Jordanian General Company for Silos and Supply

Today, Sunday, the Civil Service Bureau published an electronic link on its website www.csb.gov.jo
Starting from Sunday, September 3, until the end of work next Tuesday, September 5, to verify the data of applicants for the third category jobs in the Jordanian General Company for Silos and Supply.

The Bureau explained in a statement today, Sunday, that in accordance with the instructions for attracting, selecting and appointing employees in applicable government jobs that were previously announced in daily newspapers and on the Bureau’s website, the number of which is (18) positions, including the position of (guardian, worker, driver, production worker, and mechanical technician). And construction machinery driver), the link provides the opportunity for applicants for these jobs to view the status of the application and whether it is approved or not, their total competitive points and the mechanism for calculating them according to academic qualifications, training courses, license to practice the profession, vocational training certificates, and practical experiences certified and recorded in the organization’s data. General Social Security attached to the employment application.

The Bureau indicated that if there are comments or objections, applicants can send them electronically through the same electronic link http://tasweeq.csb.gov.jo/notes
Pointing out that no comments or objections will be received on paper or after the end of the specified period, nor will new documents be added to the employment application.

The Civil Service Bureau , in partnership with the Jordanian Silos Company, sorted and audited more than (800) employment applications to compete for these jobs, according to the terms and specifications of their occupancy specified in the announcement.