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The company provides a sterilization service for grains stored in silos in order to ensure the safety of the stock and prevent the occurrence of insect infections in it and thus maintain the quality and characteristics of the grains. Stocks are constantly monitored, stored wheat is constantly sampled and its suitability for consumption is checked. Before being used in mills, wheat goes through several stages, including washing and screening.

The process of protecting grains from being infected by any pest or insect is carried out by taking some measures and precautions in the following way:

  1. Periodic inspection of grain

    Carry out a periodic inspection of the grains that have been stored, checking the grains happens once a week, twice a week or at least once a month.

  2. Considering the factors that affect the properties of the grain.

    This is done through modern monitoring devices containing:
  • Devices for measuring, recording and adjusting temperatures inside the silo.
  • Alarms and safety.
  • Electronic monitoring devices.

In case of an infection, safe grain pest control materials are used to sterilize the grain and maintain its quality and properties, as the grain received to the silos is sterilized with aluminum phosphide by dedicated devices and specific doses.

The company is also keen to spray the hangar warehouses constantly in order to maintain the safety of the foodstuffs that are stored in the warehouses.

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