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Training course - People's Republic of China


 Training course on grain processing and inspection technology for developing countries

The following company employees participated in this course during the period 18-7-2023 until 7-8-2023
Eng.Hamza Al-Jarrah - Juwaida Mill
Eng.Muhannad Al-Qaramsa - Aqaba Complex
Eng. Saif Eddin Qasem - Juwaida Complex
Mr. Suhib Abu Hazeem - Rusaifa Complex

Venue: Henan Province, People's Republic of China.
Participating countries: 10 participating countries, Egypt - Jordan - Cuba - Pakistan - Nepal - Laos - Ethiopia - Lesotho - Tanzania - Bukinavaso.
In charge of the session: Hunan International Relations Company

Course topics:-
A general introduction to the culture and customs of the Chinese people.
Food security strategy and its applications.
Learn about cereals and their products in the People's Republic of China.
Examination of grains, quality management, modern methods of quality control in grains and their products, and methods of implementation.
Modern technology in grain storage and silos in China.
Grain manufacturing technology (storage - milling - baking - biscuits - cakes - rice milling.........)
The latest international systems in food safety.

Lectures: -
Lectures on the production and processing of rice.
Lectures on dairy processing technology in animal husbandry processing plant.
Lectures on the production and processing of grains, wheat, corn, barley, and soybeans.
Lectures on the production of oil crops.
Lectures on the production and processing of crop tubers
Lectures on methods of chemical and physical analysis of grain and its products.
Lecture on the quality of the devices used in the chemical analysis of food.
Lectures on methods and systems of quality control in foods.
Lectures on the treatment and quality management of tropical food crops.

Application of deep processing technology of sweet potatoes to extract starch and use it in the food industry.
A visit to a university laboratory to prepare solutions to carry out tests on rice and determine its quality
Attending a practical experiment for the bacteriological analysis of stored grains.
A visit to the HOCENT Company and factories specialized in the manufacture of laboratory devices for examining grains.
A visit to the factories of XIANG LIANG MECHANICAL, which is specialized in the manufacture of heavy machinery related to grain operations.
Field visit to the Southern Seed Industry Center of Xiaoming Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.

A participant from each of the 10 participating countries made a presentation about his country, offering introductions to culture, language, economy, tourism, politics, trade, agriculture, and technology. Eng. Saif Eddin Qasem, with the assistance of Engineer Hamza Al-Jarrah, presented a lecture in which he briefly explained the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


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