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About Company

Jordan's General Company for Silos and Supply was established under the Council of Ministers Decision No. (657) Date 05/09/2000. The company started its business on1/1/2002 With a capital of forty million Jordanian dinars, then it was raised to sixty-three million and three hundred thousand Jordanian dinars owned by the government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It was registered with the Companies Controller under the number (341) dated 01/03/2001.

According to the company’s policy, it is engaged in wheat and barley storage, flour production and sale, dry and refrigerated warehouses rental, as well as managing, operating and maintenance of silos, mill and warehouses. The company is also entitled to carry out industrial and commercial operations of the materials in which it deals and to contribute or participate with any company or project related to supplies inside and outside Jordan, whether by import, transport, storage or distribution. The company is also entitled to provide services, consulting, investments and studies related to company’s activities to others inside and outside the Kingdom.


Our Services

The company maintains and manages strategic national stocks of grain and food throughout the Kingdom in line with the policy of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and its supply plans to import wheat and barley materials. Jordan's General Company for Silos and Supply takes its responsibility by its spread complexes in all kingdom’s regions and the diversity of its activities between storage silos, mill and dry and refrigerated warehouses, in addition, grain ships unloading at Aqaba port.


Through its complexes and mill, the company provides the following services:

  1. Unloading ships loaded with grain (wheat and barley), which its payload belongs to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, using modern Unloading devices.
  2. Grains Storage (wheat and barley) in silos, while maintaining their safety and suitability for human and animal consumption.
  3. Refrigerated and dry warehouses Rental to the public and private sectors.
  4. Barley Packaging.
  5. Flour Production and sale.
  6. Import wheat for company's mill purposes.

The company also seeks to continue improving the storage conditions in dry warehouses and refrigerators in a way that meets the needs of the local market, where its complexes include a large selection of refrigeration and freezing refrigerators in addition to large areas of warehouses and hangers. The company provides the service of renting refrigerated and dry warehouses for the public and private sectors, and provides the best storage and handling conditions and maintaining the safety of inventory and the local environment. In addition to many other assistive services such as sample Inspection Service, transfer and Unloading of truck dumper, loading cars/trucks, central workshops and technical warehouses, it also provides the service of using scales.


General Management and Complexes

The company includes the following complexes:

  • General Management: The general Management of the company is located in Jordan - Amman - Khalda District - Government Contributions Management Company Building - Al-Hakam Bin Amr Street - next to Amman Academy Schools - behind Alia Central Restaurants, Building No. 22 - 1st Floor.
  • Al-Juwaideh Complex: which located in southeast of the capital, Amman.
  • Al- Juwaideh Mill: which located within Al-Juweidah Complex.
  • North Complex: which located on Amman-Damascus highway, opposite the University of Science and Technology.
  • Al Rusaifa Complex: which located on Amman Zarqa Road.
  • Aqaba Complex: which located in the new southern port of Aqaba.

Within these complexes, there are silos for storing wheat and barley with a maximum cumulative capacity of (270,100,000) tons per year, sixteen warehouses for dry materials with a total storage capacity of (16,019,850) square meters, twenty-two refrigerated storage rooms with a total storage capacity of (4,197,500) tons per year, in addition to the mill, which is located within the AL-juweida complex and has a production capacity of (400) tons daily.



Quality Control

Jordan's General Company for Silos and Supply is interested in the safety and quality of the wheat that it stores and transfers to the milling companies to produce flour, which in turn will be reflected on the food provided to citizens and residents on the land of the kingdom, as the company includes laboratories dedicated to quality inspection to achieve the following purposes:

  • Check the wheat that supplied to the company takes samples and examines them outwardly to ensure that they are free of insects, fertilizers, rot and abnormal changes that are visible by eye, and then analyzes are performed on them, represented by the specific weight and proportions of impurities, moisture and protein, to ensure that the wheat conforms to the approved specifications.
  • The wheat is checked periodically during storage in silos to ensure that its quality is maintained.
  • Setting quality and safety standards related to the activity of silos and mill activity of the company for the production of flour and monitoring the implementation of these standards.
  • Ensuring compliance with the specifications of feed barley and checking that it is free of mycotoxins, radiation, pesticide residues or any other commercially unacceptable pollutants.
  • The examination of flour samples to ensure its compliance with the specifications of standards and quality.


Our Customers

Jordan's General Company for Silos and Supply works closely with many companies and institutions in the public and private sectors. The Ministry of Industry and Trade is one of the most prominent public sector clients, while the World Food Program is one of the most important private sector clients.
The following are the most important partners and service recipients of the Jordan's General Company for Silos and Supply

  • Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • Jordanian armed forces.
  • Military and civilian consumer institutions.
  • Bakeries and flour carriers.
  • Private companies that store with the company.
  • Drivers and transport contractors.



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