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New fertilizers in (Juwaida Mill) improve the quality of flour  

Fertilizers, in which the Jordanian General Company for Silos and Supply developed its facility in Juwaida, contributed to improving the quality of flour.  

The Jordanian General Company for Silos and Supply introduced new fertilizers from the Swiss brand Buhler last month, which separate semolina from flour, which contributes to improving the quality of the flour produced.  

Since the Jordanian General Company for Silos and Supply started its operations in 2002, it has kept pace with the developments taking place in this industry within the official efforts to maintain the level of food stocks and ensure the quality of food eaten by residents and visitors of Jordan.  

For his part, the CEO of IBC Group, Eng. Akram Khreis, appreciated the agents of Buhler International Company, the keenness of the Jordanian General Company for Silos and Catering to develop its facilities and the machinery used in them, to provide the flour product of the highest quality.  

He said that the new fertilizers are among the most recent findings of Buehler in this field, which reflects Jordan's keeping pace with developments taking place in the world to serve citizens.  


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