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Inauguration of the refrigerated warehouse maintenance project in the Juwaida silos complex


Inauguration of the refrigerated warehouse maintenance project in the Juwaida silos complex

His Excellency the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jordanian General Company for Silos and Supply, Dr. Anwar Al-Ajarma, members of the Board, and His Excellency the Director General, Engineer Imad Al-Tarawneh, inaugurated the project for the maintenance and rehabilitation of refrigerated warehouses in the Juwaideh Silos Complex, which was implemented with personal capabilities and efforts that resulted in the full operation of the cooling system with high efficiency, in addition to expanding the qualitative options. For services provided to food companies after the project was unable to be implemented through private sector companies, for which a financial allocation amounting to one and a quarter million Jordanian dinars was allocated.
The Chairman of the Council and the Council members thanked the Executive Management, represented by the General Director, Engineer Imad Al-Tarawneh, the Director of Al-Juwaidah Complex, Mr. Talal Abu Al-Ghanem, the technical team, and all departments for this exceptional national effort, which led to restarting and developing the work of refrigerated warehouses and the financial savings it achieved, in addition to continuing to meet the directions of The private sector in providing dry and refrigerated food storage services and enhancing the role of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply in providing hedging methods, which is a factor in stabilizing prices and raising the level of services in the local market.
In turn, the Director General welcomed the Chairman and members of the Council for such a visit, which is considered support for the company’s management and an honor and appreciation for the efforts of the employees who took the initiative to complete this national project on the ground, stressing his pride in the company’s competencies and their tireless endeavor to develop the work, improve the company’s services, and invest its capabilities in an optimal way.
The Director of the Juwaida Complex gave a summary of the stages of the project’s progress and the challenges that were overcome, explaining that the implementation of the project is economically feasible and reflected in achieving savings and an expected financial revenue of approximately (2,200,000) two million and two hundred thousand dinars, and that the cost of the project in total did not exceed one hundred and sixty thousand dinars in comparison. What is allocated for this purpose in the company’s general budget. He also expressed his thanks to the Chairman and members of the Council for this initiative in sponsoring the start of operation, appreciating their directives regarding paying attention to public safety requirements and preparing to equip refrigerated warehouses with storage requirements according to the desires of the private sector, in addition to unifying the command and control unit for all Warehouses to ensure inventory control and ensure the safety and quality of stored food. 

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